Changing roles for access for in-page SEO metabox isn't working

I'm running a multisite with Smartcrawl. Each site has it's own setup, but only the settings page is on network level.
When I change the roles for access in in-page SEO metabox it isn't visible to that roles. when I login as a super admin I see the metabox, but when I login as a site admin I don't see it.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Menno

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    I have checked your site and I can see the issue there. I'm aware that my colleague during the chat seemed to be able to replicate that on his own setup but nor me neither my other colleagues were able to experience the same issues.

    Having said that, I tend to suspect some issue specific to your setup. I've been checking options there, I've also checked wp-config.php file (I assumed that there might have been some "leftover" define for multisite from some much older version of the plugin but there's none), I also checked your mu-plugin... This all seems fine.

    However, the behavior is not expected therefore I'm suspecting either a conflict or that this is related to user roles - if those were adjusted on your setup in any way. That being said:

    1) Did you make any changes in any way to default user-roles? I mean mostly granting/revoking some capabilities either using some plugin or with some custom code?

    2) Could you please run a full conflict test (including theme switching)? To do this please follow this flowchart here:

    Let me know about results, please, and we'll then decide how to proceed with further troubleshooting.

    Kind regards,