changing text color and size of button text

Can ou please take a look at the button code on the url below and tell me how to change the text color and text size of the text at the bottom that says:
Please select an option

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hey Cornelius!

    Hope you're doing well. Thanks for your question.

    I took a look at your code and it seems that you're using a hosted PayPal button with some cutomization. The simplest way to change "Please select an option" text would be to add a little CSS.

    1. In your dashboard go to "Appearance" - > "Editor" and select the template file with button included;
    2. Locate this code:

    <td><input name="on0" type="hidden" value="Please select an option" />Please select an option</td>
    <td><select name="os0"><option value="16 Oz Bottle">16 Oz Bottle $11.99 USD</option><option value="Gallon Refill">Gallon Refill $39.99 USD</option></select></td>

    3. Enclose the "Please select..." text with <span> </span> tags like this: <input name="on0" type="hidden" value="Please select an option" /><span class="my_button_class">Please select an option</span></td>

    Note the class="my_button_class" part.

    4. Save file and select another one: style.css
    5. Somwhere at the bottom of the file add:

    .my_button_class {
         font-size: 3em;
         color: #000000;

    Save and reload the site (preferably clear browser's cache first).

    In the last step you've added the css rule (style definition) for the "Please select an option" text. Of course you may add as many properities (like font-weight or text-shadow) as you wish.

    Hope that helped. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask.


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