Changing the Affiliate Referal Code


I installed the Affiliates plugin.

I also installed a plugin that allows users to register without the need to register a username. The plugin , called Register Plus Redux, essentially uses the email address as the username. The idea is to make registration and logging in as easy as possible.

There is a slight hicup however, which pertains to the privacy of users wishing to become an affiliate via Affiliates plugin. Instead of the affiliate code looking link looking like "", for example, it now looks like "".

The easiest solution might be to reference the user's unique MySQL "wp_users" table record ID number. The affiliate code could then look like "".

Can you offer any suggestions or code a plugin modification for me?
I would be happy to pay for the work if you can give me a quote.

Perhaps this feature could be incorporated into future Affiliates plugin updates :wink:

I look forward to your response.

Kind regards,