Changing the default option in 'Please Select a Service' dropdown

Hi all,

I've got three service options for a user to choose from:

- 20 minute consultation
- 1 1/2 hour session
- 2 hour session

I'd also like the calendar hidden until the user selects the service they want.

I've edited class_app_shortcodes.php to add an extra <option> that says 'Please select a service', but everytime I select a service from the dropdown list, the page refreshes and it reverts back to 'Please select a service' (because that line is <option value="0" selected="selected">.

Have any of you lovely, clever people have an idea of how I can fix this?

This is a snippet from class_app_shortcodes.php, starting on line 1238:

$s .= '<select name="app_select_services" class="app_select_services">';
		$s .= '<option value="0" selected="selected">Please select a service:</option>';
		if ($services) {
			foreach ($services as $service) {
				$service_description = '';
				// Check if this is the first service, so it would be displayed by default
				if ($service->ID == $appointments->service) {
					$d = '';
					$sel = ' selected="selected"';
				}	else {
					$d = ' style="display:none"';
					$sel = '';
				// Add options
								$s .= '<option value="'.$service->ID.'"'.$sel.'>'. stripslashes( $service->name ) . '</option>';
		$s .= '</select>';

I /* commented out */ the if ($service->ID == $appointments->service) { $d = ''; $sel = 'selected="selected"'; } else ... } as it's in the foreach loop and if I leave it in I get:

Please select a service:
20 minute consultation
Please select a service:
1 1/2 hour session
Please select a service:
2 hour session

Any help will be much appreciated