Changing the Image in the BuddyPress Admin Bar

I'm testing out the new BP Social Theme. I have to say I love it! Thanks.

I'd really like to get a definitive answer on how to edit the left side of the admin bar where there is either a BuddyPress Logo or the Blog Name hyper linked.

In Social 1.1.1, the bar showed the linked blogname - and the bar defaulted to dark blue (which I like)
In Social 1.1.2, the bar showed the standard grey buddypress logo and bar.

I'd like to keep the blue as in 1.1.1. but change the blogname to own site logo. i've edited the admin_bar_logo.gif but and replaced the original in plugins/buddypress/bp-core/deprecated/images but there has been no change. There is no doubt a part I'm missing.

Also, while I'm at it, how can I change the link from the image to go back to any page I choose? such as the home page of my site rather than the community home.

Sorry for the long one...

Thanks for any help that comes my way.