Changing the layout of the group forum topic posts

On the theme, on the group forum topic posts it shows “admin3 days, 20 hours said ago: ” (syntax is odd BTW) and I want to divide it up so that the admin is above the post content and the date is below it.

I have no problem setting up the divs, but when I found the line in the topic.php (I’m don’t know php) it shows <?php echo sprintf( __( '%s said %s ago:', 'buddypress' ), bp_the_topic_post_poster_name( false ), bp_the_topic_post_time_since( false ) ) ?>

How do I split it up so that the poster name is separate from the time? I’d like it so that it would be;


“post content”

“3 days, 20 hours ago”

Again, all I need is the php. Thanks!