Changing the main site of a multisite


I was planning to change the main site of my multisite. So as to make a subsite to become the main site.

I could only find one article with instructions:

1/ Go Network Dashboard > Sites and change the domain path of the site you want to be the main site.

2/ Then, go to wp-config.php file and edit this line: define(‘BLOG_ID_CURRENT_SITE’, 1);

[change 1 with the site ID of the subsite I wanted to be main site]

3/Go back to Network Dashboard > Sites and edit the domain path of the old main site to something else.

4/Then, search and replace the urls inside the site.

The instructions appear solid. But it is an old article. So I am not sure if it still works.

Plus, I wanted to ask in case there are more things I will have to do.

Thanks in advance.

I believe this will be useful for other members as well, since there is manual regarding this.