changing the signup link

I have this theme set up at

If you click on the sign up button under member login it takes you back to my main multi-site but I want it to take people to the sign up page for that site.

I have membership plugin installed on it and I am assuming when people pay and join they will be able to login using that box? Or is that just to connect people to my main multi-site buddy press forum?

  • DavidM

    Hi Diane,

    That portion of the theme is actually hard-coded in the theme itself and indeed it links back to your main site for registration. However, I can see at least a couple things you could do regarding it.

    You could change the location in line 8 of /bp-fun/lib/templates/bp-template/bp-login-panel.php:
    <?php echo bp_signup_page() ?>

    Or you could maybe hide that particular button, since there's already another link to the registration at the top, using css:
    #signup-submit { display:none; }

    The css method of hiding the button really isn't advised but it's a simple method.

    Let us know how that works for ya!


  • Diane

    If I hide the button that means it will be hidden for every blogger who uses that theme,and it seems that is my only option otherwise everyone on my MU who uses that theme will be sent back to my site to register rather than their own.

    I am trying to set up individual blogs that are part of a collective, each one must stand on its own with its own community, own ecommerce store and own membership area so it makes money with no connection to the main "mothership" :slight_smile:

    Maybe that means I just can't use this theme but I will try removing the button and see what happens. Why isn't hiding the button advised? It won't do anything to mess up how the blog looks/works will it?

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