Changing Wordpress Multisite To Single... And Back?

Hi there,

I installed the InstaBuilder 2.0 landing page & funnels plugin in my Multisite Blog Network.

The plugin offers additional templates (in Zip file) which can be uploaded via the InstaBuilder dashboard, however I'm not able to make it work on Multisite.

These files do work on another Wordpress site I have that's a Single install - just not multisite.

When I spoke to their support, they told me the best way to upload this file was to turn my Wordpress Multisite into Single, upload the Zip files, then turn it back into Multisite.

My question is....

If I do this, would it affect my Wordpress Multisite in a negative way? Or not?

I would be doing this approximately once per month (takes 1 mins to upload), as every month they send out a new template to use with InstaBuilder.

Please let me know. Thanks!