Charging based on subscriptions….

I would like to know how to create my site to do the following using one or multiple plugins from your company:

Can I create a website so my users can sign up and select the following items:

1. Hosting package with “x” number of emails included (annual fee to host with emails included)

2. Charge for additional or sub websites with that admin account.

2. Themes – Basic package is available to all (probably would like to use the Farms 133 pack)

2. Themes – Premier package – charge a monthly fee to use any of the site admin determined premier themes.

3. Theme – Modification package – charge a one-time fee to customize a Basic / Premier theme based around the number of pages.

4. SEO options – add seo plugin and pay a monthly fee to do so.

5. Emails – charge for additional emails.

I would like to do the same thing with other plug-ins as well. All of this has to be done with a user management pay per monthly / yearly or usage based. I would like the customer to add or remove plugins like “products” and charge “x” for them. I would like to also be able to charge them monthly until they cancel much like this website does.

Hope this makes sense, and more importantly, I hope this can be done! I am kind of a beginner at this so when you respond, please keep that in mind. If this is becomes very complicated, can someone help me accomplish this? I would prefer to do this though!


  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Hi Nayeem!

    I think you could do this based on a combination of Membership and Upgrades.

    Essentially, you could create subscriptions in Membership which set up the monthly options for users to subscribe to including restricting/granting access.

    Then, you can provide individual add ons by allowing them to activate custom plugins which flag their account for specific features. These custom plugins would be pretty basic and activating them would incur a charge by using Upgrades.

    How does that sound?!


  • Still_(o)-(o)_Awake
    • Flash Drive

    This was an email I sent to David. I haven’t received a reply as of yet – he’s probably busy so i though I would post this and see your answers.

    First of all I finally figured out the MS installation and have it running!!!

    Now, I have a few questions:

    1. If I use any of your plugins and a newer version of WP comes out and I am NO LONGER a paying subscriber with your company, will I still have access to those updates?

    2. What is the advantage / disadvantage of the multi Domain Plugin?

    3. I’ve installed the Domain mapping plugin, but when I go to the site pulls up fine. But when I go directly to the new site at the server doesn’t return anything. Is this because of the dedicated ip issue you refer to in the instructions at the end of the Multi Domain plugin?

    4. Do you know why and more importantly how to fix the following error I got when I tried to install the W3 Total Cache on a sub-site?[can’t install plugin on MS, yet]

    “/var/www/vhosts/ could not be created, please run following command:

    chmod 777 /var/www/vhosts/”

    Is this a permissions issue? I temp. changed the permissions to 777 but it wont work. Any ideas or solutions?– A little history on this subject. I use 1and1 dedicated server running on linux. I use a parallels plesk cpanel. I have 3 dedicated ip addresses. The first one is being shared by 8 domains. I used a new ip for this new multisite installation.

    5. Should I set the setting on this ip address as exclusive or shared? Then do I need to call my hosting company and ask them to configure my WPMU virtualhost to be the default for that dedicated IP?

    Are there any other really useful plugins that I should have incorporated into my site? Any recommendations?

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