Chat 1.0.3 corner chat box prevents legit members to chat!

Chat plugin 1.0.3 is behaving weird for me. It's working correctly for main site, but even with logging in as a member, and going to a member's blog, corner chat box is saying "You must be logged in to participate in chats." I don't see how I can fix this! Please advise. Thanks...

  • DavidM
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    Hello argh2xxx,

    I checked the plugin out on some test sites and it worked well in these cases, so I'm just wondering a few things about your configuration.

    Does the corner chat appear for you as Super Admin?
    The members you're logging in as, are they members of that particular blog?
    Do you have the chat network activated or are you activating it on a per blog basis?

    Hopefully we can quickly get to the bottom of this one!


  • argh2xxx
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    As super admin, the chat works no matter admin is on which blog of which member. As a member, he or she when log in as a member can only chat through main site which belong to admin (i.e., wordpress/buddypress), but on his or her very blog, chat says must log in to chat, but he/she is already log in! As admin, I activate chat as network activation.

    Update: Reactivate the network activation of the chat plugin seems to fix it, but for how long I don't know yet. Also still, as a member log in and chat, corner chat fails to show message instantly, after logging out of a user, corner chat shows the message of a member just type. Unfortunately, logging out does not allow you to chat unless log in. So that last part seems to be in sync with what the chat suppose to do. I have to say chat plugin seems to behave rather odd in general.

  • Mason
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    Hiya argh,

    Thanks for your feedback. We use the chat plugin right here on our site and haven't had any issues - so it's very possible that what your seeing is due to your specific setup.

    Out of curiosity, is there anything showing up in your error logs? Any js conflicts on the front end?
    Gotta link where we can take a look? We want to see this thing work for everyone :slight_smile:


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