Chat and XMPP/Jabber

I know it doesn't currently support it but it would be amazing if your chat could utilise XMPP/Jabber, imagine the possibilities to keep people on a website or using your site along with revenue stream potential.

Web based - Connect with MSN, ICQ or even Facebook, your users could be on your site as a one stop shop to chat with all their friends.

Efficient - I've not tested the chat but I presume its a push/pull in that it pushes to the DB and pulls it back or via some kind of caching feature, maybe jQuery method, it would be more efficient to use XMPP/Jabber surely.

- Chat logs

Desktop clients could potentially be made and could support advertising and branding to further develop a company and establish its place in the market.

Bottom bar chat, chat room chat, friends lists, group chats. I know I personally have a lot of use for this as I have commercial software providing a java engine with flash front end chat which is used weekly on shoutcast radio shows. :slight_smile: