Chat availability

I continually try to logon to the live support sessions but am not ever able to get on. The schedule screen says that the chat is in session but when I click on the chat this is what I receive:

  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick


    I’m wondering if you’re looking at the times in EST? Which chat were you trying to participate in? The best bet is to choose the ones that are moderated by a staff member, however, we have had a few folks out today (myself included).

    Let me know though, we definitely want you to be able to participate in the chats, and if you’re not getting in at the right time, we’ll need to take a deeper look. I checked your account and everything seems fine.

  • cchalmers
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Thank you for your reply Mason.

    I have looked at the time differences and yes I am trying to participate during the proper time. I thought the same thing but have double checked many times. Say the chat is suppose to take place at 8pm EST then I try and participate at 7pm CST as I am in Texas. When I try and participate the schedule says that the chat is currently in progress but when I go to the chat window it is telling me otherwise. I will try to take a screen shot of both windows next time I try to logon to the chat.

    What I am wonder … is if it might be a membership problem. I had created a username on WPMUdev over a year ago but I am just recently a paying member. Could that actually be an issue.

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