Chat avatars broken

Hi there

Im using the chat on a regular wordpress installation, with "User Photo" plugin (
While the plugin does have an option when making calls to get_avatar() for the user's photo to be used instead if it is available, it doesnt show in chat. It does, however, replace the calls made on the theme (using P2 if it makes any difference).

Ive tried editing the chat (around line 2879) on: get_avatar($row->avatar, 50, null, $row->name);
But i cant seem to make it work, anyone got an idea how to change the get_avatar request from $row->avatar? making a call to the users email might help (thats how p2 calls the avatar anyway)?

thank you for your patience in advance :slight_smile:

ps: ive checked the avatar plugin from wpmudev but its only for multisite and bbpress, and unfortunately doesnt have a front end uploading solution