Chat doesn't seem to work

I am testing out the chat plugin at The button/link is showing on the bottom right but when I click, nothing happens. I tested it using Chrome and IE Is anyone else having this issue?


  • DavidM

    Hi tqdesign and first off, welcome to WPMU DEV!

    Sorry you're experiencing a bit of trouble with the Chat plugin. It's likely there's a javascript conflict from what you've described. Could you try deactivating other plugins to see if that might be the case?

    You could also try using the inspection tool in Chrome and check the Console section to see what errors might be on the page. It's easier to find where the issue's coming from with that info.


  • magnitudemedia

    I'm having a very similar problem - can get Chat to display but it opens and won't close and won't allow any interaction with the window. It shows as wildly differing sizes on various monitors and browsers as well, though it's set for 150px x 300px for my theme.

    I'm running it on (it's currently off - was driving me crazy) using a customized version of Newscast theme on WP 3.3.1

    Turning off other plugins did not solve the problem

    Problem replicates on Chrome, Firefox and Safari - Mac OS X Snow Leopard

  • Mason

    Hiya @magnitudemedia,

    Apologies, I didn't receive an update on your post and it appears you've disabled it again. I have a live support chat here on the site tomorrow at 10AM EST if you'd like to coordinate a time so I can take a look.

    Here's a listing of other live chat times so you can find a time to coordinate and have one of our staff take a look with you:

    Hope we can find a time that fits for ya.


  • magnitudemedia

    Here are some screenshots. Note: the readme.txt has no instructions for install and there is no install.txt on this plugin.

    The front page shows chat on bottom corner when enabled, but you can not interact with window or shut window and chat window does not hold true to size specific in preferences.

    In post changes chat ID # each time inserted, and never shows up after added to a post or page.


  • DavidM

    @magnitudemedia, would it be possible to simply disable the bottom corner chat and just include a chat shortcode in a page that's not accessible from the menus or otherwise linked to?

    That way, hopefully, you can keep it active while not having it accessible or potentially conflicting in other pages while we test this out?

    You could then give us a link to that page so we can see what's amiss there.


  • Mason

    Hiya @magnitudemedia,

    We seem to be going round and round without being able to get this one sorted. If you'll send a message through our contact form to my attention in the subject with login credentials, I'll log in and take a look:

    Please include a link to this thread for reference and admin (or super admin) logins. I will have to enable chat momentarily to see the error, but once I'm able to do that I can hopefully see what's going on and we can get this fixed up for you right away.

    @xconfactor, I haven't tried mingle yet, but it doesn't list as being compatible with wp 3.3.1. If you disable those plugins, does chat work correctly?

  • Grace n Ease

    Hi magnitudemedia,

    I would say that you don't have to worry about letting one of these people have access to help.
    However, I agree and have complained about the LACK of adequate documentation provided by WPMU-DEV plugin authors. It is horrific since they do charge for these quality plugins, and they know that most of the people wanting these plugins aren't in the league of coding that they are.

    Having said that, it didn't do any good to complain.

    So, if you want to use their plugins and you are having problems, your quickest solution is to give them access, or find something else.

    I have often wondered if dev's of plugins in general think the rest of us just play around with the scripts and aren't serious. It does seem a little disheartening when we are trying to get things working for our customers, there seems to be a sort of arrogance displayed toward those of us who are building websites using their plugins. It is unfortunate, but it isn't just this company. It is many of the dev's of plugins in general. As they say... It is what it is...

    I hope you will seriously consider giving them access to help you, it's the only way unless you hire someone to look at it for you, which you will still have to give someone access unless you figure it out yourself.

    One suggestion would be for you to create a temporary admin user and they can access using that username and then you can delete it after they are done. That way you don't have to give your site admin information. I doubt very seriously if they will harm your site. They do know what they are doing.

  • Mason


    We do provide installation & usage instructions for all our plugins. For chat they are here:

    Thing is, installation is pretty easy. And making sure a plugin works bug-free on a basic install isn't too challenging - but making sure that something works across multiple browsers and versions, a myriad of server setups, and combined with a near infinite amount of other plugins is downright challenging.

    So we have a basic set of instructions (which I agree, could use with improvement and we're working on that) and we provide the best support we're able to when conflicts arise.

    Without exception in this thread thus far, problems with the chat plugin have come down to javascript conflicts with other products. So, we want to see this plugin working for anybody who's downloaded it, but a js conflict can only be diagnosed by looking at the code. This limits the advice we can provide.

    @magnitudemedia, I bet if you swapped to another theme, your issue would go away. I'm not knocking the theme, but it loads several different javascript libraries and will likely have problem with several third-party properties.

    Again, I'd love to see this plugin working for everyone. I'm available each week on live chat, can look at a site when provided a link, and am even willing to login to a site, activate the plugin, diagnose the issue, and log back out.


  • NetPotion

    @magnitudemedia - I have personally given them root access to my website and the only thing they did was be extremely helpful.

    Honestly, I understand your concern - but if there was ever anyone you could trust with access - it's these good folks. Of course if you are truly worried you could make a full backup first and change your password after they are done looking around.

    These guys are the best at what they do. They aren't going to do anything to sully their reputation intentionally.

    I don't vouch for many people on the Internet, but I *will* vouch for WPMUDEV. =)

    ~ Corey

  • Mason

    Hiya Clifford,

    Could you send me a link to your site and some logins then? I'm happy to take a look, but my hunch is the same as the problems mentioned above. It's a theme or plugin javascript that's conflicting and causing issue.

    Also, have you only tested this on IE8? Is it showing in all browsers?

    @Secrets_of_Safety you're right about custom functions and the chat plugin does use them. The issue is that many products out there reference a javascript library as a dependency (such as a specific version of jQuery).
    This is really bad practice as WordPress includes a copy of jQuery and recommends you simply enqueue it when needed. The conflict arises when one product on your site is calling for a version of jQuery to be loaded and another one calls for a separate version (or the one included with WordPress).

    This will almost always result in unpredictable display and behavior on the site. Sadly, it is still a common practice from theme ad plugin developers, which is why it's always recommended to find trusted sources for the products you use on your site.

    Hope that helps :slight_smile:

  • aecnu

    Greetings to all the Developers here :slight_smile:

    if your not a developer then why are you here? - because we are all developers at some level or another.

    Does anyone realize the infinite possibilities of configurations that make it impossible to guess what a problem might be without absolute detailed analysis?

    I have been dealing with Computer/Internet Tech Support going on twenty years and you always have the yahoo that thinks they know more then you and starts clicking and doing things that you did not tell them to do - then why are you calling me if you know so much?

    What about the woman who calls in that her PC isn't working and the monitor will not come on?

    So I tell here to check the cable from the monitor to the tower and she says to hold on a minute because it is dark back behind the computer desk and she needs to get a flash light.

    I ask her why doesn't she just turn on the light in the room and she replies she can't because the electricity has been off all day - GET IT?

    We - all WPMU Members - are the developers at some level with WPMU Developers to help us along in what we are developing - and if it were so darn easy figuring this stuff out then your end users do not need you - they can just do it themselves.

    So suck it up, become part of the solution instead of part of the problem - any idiot can point out a problem - the special people are the ones whom come up with solutions - even other members :slight_smile:

    Joe :slight_smile:

  • Grace n Ease


    While your knowledge about what problems contribute to a computer monitor not working is rather impressive, you seem to miss the point the rest of us (not as advanced as you) developers are trying to say.

    These plugins do not come with adequate documentation for installing and using. The complaint is made all over these forums and WPMU-DEV's acknowledge that fact and have been saying they are working on that.

    I personally (being a programmer from back before personal computers, 1970's) find is amazing that dev's are using a tactic that used to be called "job security" back in the old days. Don't document and then everyone has to come to the dev to find out what the heck the coding does and how it works with the rest of the program.

    People here pay a nice sum of money to purchase a license to use these plugins. I personally find it disgusting that these forums have to be full of people who (if they had adequate documentation) wouldn't have to be in these forums other than to possibly ask these professionals how to deal with possible conflicts. Basically, unless someone is an experienced coder, they can't figure out exactly how the plugin works and what effect it has on other plugins..

    Given the fact that the whole idea behind WP is it being pretty easy to work with, the practice here goes against that...

    Coding for the purpose of making sure people have to come to you to get things to work isn't a good practice.. Sure, it may keep people coming back and paying the high price of yearly membership, but many people get tired of that and will eventually leave.

    I agree, become part of the solution instead of part of the problem.. The problem is, you are telling the wrong people to be part of the solution.. Tell the dev's to be more active in the solution. Document adequately so people can get on with the rest of their work.. Most of us here are involved in a project somewhere else, we don't want to have to come here for answers that should be included with the plugins..

    Enjoy your day.. :wink:

  • aecnu

    Greetings Secrets_of_Safety :slight_smile:

    First I am just a member here, I am not part of the WPMU Dev staff nor related to their staff in any way, shape, or form.

    Regardless of your sarcastic blather, when it comes to knocking on the developers (in this case for not being end user manual writers) that is where I draw the line.

    I have been with PC's starting in the late 70's with the first being a TSR-1000 by Radio Shack with it's magnificent 8kb's of ram and micro cassette drive - long before 5.25 floppies where even thought of.

    I have installed most of these programs/plugins by their instructions and have not had a problem - though extremely occasionally there has been a bug in the program itself.

    That is when I come looking for assistance after I have made an effort to figure it out myself - and to date the Dev's here have ALWAYS come up with a solution - though it may take them some time because they are dealing with mingle and why it does not work with their plugin - this crap instead of developing and working on their own stuff.

    Being a self proclaimed programmer you know yourself you cannot in a million years plan on every contingency - then in this case throw in WordPress and their tinkering.

    Do you realize that regardless of the instructions or a step by step on how to use things many will not bother to read them? Should I start pulling up the tickets of people here in WPMU Dev whom have written in complaining about a problem they are having when in fact they admit they never read the instructions at all? wasting developer time?

    Then you have in the box thinkers - if it is not in the instructions they can never figure it out.

    and what do they learn? not a dam thing.

    Put us out in the desert separately with two broken vehicles, the only way out, and I will be over there trying to figure it out while the in the box person is whining for a manual and dying of dehydration.

    How the hell do they run their PC's? Where is my instruction manual from MicroShaft for Windows? any version?

    Given the fact that the whole idea behind WP is it being pretty easy to work with, the practice here goes against that...

    Good point - now where is the step by step Word Press Manual from WordPress? However, they do give instructions for their install :slight_smile: kind of like ..... um ..... hmmmm ..... like WPMU Dev

    Click here - then type in your this and that - then click here

    Where in the hell is the innovation? Creation? or just running along with the rest of the sheeple?

    I do not recall seeing a Mingle plugin in here anywhere though I could be in error, and here you were raising hell about a plugin WPMU Dev did not create? because the makers of Mingle did not update their stuff to conform to the new version of WordPress? Why didn't you go complain to Mingle? Slam on them and see how much help you get from them or the "Manual" and if it comes with a manual why did it not mention the possibility of this bug? Great Job!

    Coding for the purpose of making sure people have to come to you to get things to work isn't a good practice.. Sure, it may keep people coming back and paying the high price of yearly membership, but many people get tired of that and will eventually leave.

    Now the above statement is total Bull Shit - I am sure they are not intentionally coding errors into the plugins they offer to get paid for support - that is absolute total garbage.

    Personally I am not paying for support, I am paying for the plugins and as long as their are instructions to install as needed and there are no bugs in the plugin itself I am totally happy.

    In one breath you say people are paying to get the license:

    People here pay a nice sum of money to purchase a license to use these plugins.

    then the next second you claim it is intentional bad coding to get people to pay?

    so which is it? Houston, Hello Houston, Houston this person has a serious problem

    That's right Developers take away from your developing time to make manuals on how to use this stuff so in the box thinkers can create in the box sites that they themselves are for the most part totally unqualified to have or run in the first place while those above the fold qualified people spend their time competing against the same. The same folks with $4.95 Host gator hosting expecting Dedicated Server Performance ..... lol ..... lmao

    Therefore I think they need to go back to their Obama Camp of Hope and Change with the great qualified door to door magazine salesman and ask their great provider whom is stealing from the producers to provide the manual and bitch because they do not have one ..... Oh by the way, how is that Hope and Change working out for you?

    Strictly from a business perspective this is great - less competition from those whom cannot think out of the box with the market left to those whom are and whom think out of the box - I love it! and the developers having the time and less distractions doing what they do best - Develop.

    Apply the 90/10 rule and everything is peachy keen. 90% of a businesses problems comes from 10% of the clients, and therefore the general rule is for the businesses own interest to get rid of that 10%

    Are you part of that 10%?

    No wonder both my companies on both sides of the pond are so successful with 19 years for the first and 5 years with the second - innovation, thinking out of the box, and not going by the non existent manual ..... lol

    Have a Great Day yourself!

    I certainly will :slight_smile:

    Joe :slight_smile:

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