Chat: Issue when trying to use more than one private chat session at once.


We do not use site public chatting. Only private and group page chat sessions.

When using Chat, if I invoke a private chat with User-A, all is well. Chatting works great in the chat window lower-right of the browser screen.

If I invoke a second private chat with User-B, I'm expecting the next chat window to appear *beside* my first private chat window. I'm almost positive I've seen it behave this way before.

But currently, when I have more than one private chat going, the chat boxes do not render side-by-side. Instead they overlay each other, and it's tricky (sometimes impossible) to switch between the two chat sessions. I have to minimize the chat window with User-A, and sometimes the User-B chat window will be "behind" the User-A window and I can get to it. Sometimes I can't get to it at all.

What settings might I be missing, or is this unexpected behavior?

I have Support Access opened.

Thank you!