Chat noauth_login_message seems to be broken

Hi folks,

I’m putting a chatbox into a page and have set the “noauth_login_message” when creating it, however I am still getting the default “To get started just enter your email address and desired username:” login message when the chat is displayed.

Is this a bug, or how can I get it to display my own message above the login? Ideally, I don’t want to capture e-mails at all – just a name – is there any easy way to do this?

Chatbox code below.


[chat blocked_ip_addresses_active=”disabled” box_input_position=”top” box_emoticons=”enabled” row_name_avatar=”name” row_time=”enabled” login_options=”author,bbp_keymaster,bbp_moderator,bbp_participant,contributor,editor,public_user,subscriber” noauth_login_message=”Please note that your e-mail is not displayed and not stored” noauth_login_prompt=”Please enter your details to join the chat” ]