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I tried to use the chat plug-in but I could not see any option regarding online status of the user. For example if a user wants to hide their online status, or state that they are busy, this is not possible in this plug-in? I am wondering why this plug-in doesn’t have this capability. Because I have never seen a professional chat tool without user online status.

  • ozgurpolat
    • New Recruit

    Hi Brian, thanks for the quick response, In the main box I see only two options, enabled and disabled. There is no hide option. But even if I enable this option, I dont see any information regarding my status. I am not sure if I am online or not. I donT see any hide button. and I have a multisite installation, unless I login as an admin, chat plugin says you must login to use the chat plug in even if the user is logged in.

  • Paul
    • The Green Incsub

    @ozgurpolat, Yes, we are aware of this feature. The chat plugin was not meant to be a full online user status plugin. The user status does not come into play until the user has first posted to the chat session. We use a slightly modified version of this chat plugin on our own daily Live Support chat sessions. These chat session are more for hosting a topic discussion than for just connecting with other online members like you would see on Facebook chat for example.

    New changes are coming to the chat plugin like this. But they are still in development.

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