Chat Plugin


I have a two issues with the chat plugin

1) Is there a way to edit the title

2) I have managed to get public users to add chat with the corner chat but when I use it in the posts it says

You must be logged in to participate in chats

I have the public users checked

Best regards


  • Mason

    Hiya Mal,

    Currently, there isn't a way to change the 'Click here to chat!' text within the plugins options. You'd need to manually edit this in the plugins files. It seems like a nice idea, so i'll pass that along to the plugin developer as a feature request. No time frame on delivery of course, but if we can fit it we certainly will!

    As to the visitors not showing in the post/page chat, that is rather odd. I've just tested this myself and was able to get it working without any problems. Can you tell us more about your setup? Versions of Wordpress/BuddyPress/plugins, etc. Any php errors? Also, a link to the page would be helpful as well.

    We'll take a look and get ya sorted!


  • malcan

    Many thanks for getting back masonjames

    I am using the latest version of wordpress 3.03 using ithemes charlie theme

    link to site

    click on INSTANT QUOTE on right side top of sidebar

    if you click on chat at bottom it works but have same settings for post chat but it requires user to log in and no means for user to do so.

    Below is a list of plugins

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  • jcnjr

    Many thanks for this one. Been waiting to try it! But alas, we're having issues...

    1. Styling appears to be whacked on the Settings page. Mine has no tabs, nothing like the screenshots. See attachment #1.

    2. There is no tinymce button in my post editor so I am not able to create an in-page chat. See attachment #2.

    3. With the corner chat enabled, a dysfunctional chatbox appears inside the footer instead of a pretty expandable tab where it should be. See attachment #3.

    Just downloaded latest version 1.0.2.

    Running WP 3.0.4

    Active theme is WPMU-Nelo

    Active wpmu-dev premium plugins:
    Admin Ads
    Blogs Directory
    Members Directory
    Post Indexer
    Recent Comments
    Recent Global Posts Feed
    Recent Global Posts Widget
    Sitemaps and SEO - Wordpress Multisite Style
    Terms Of Service
    The WordPress Popup Plugin
    Update Notifications
    WordPress Chat Plugin

    Finally, one question: Any way to limit the corner chat to specific pages?

    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide to get this working!

  • jcnjr

    we're having issues...

    And we seem to have just solved them by fixing a simple error!

    The install instructions for this plugin say:

    Upload /wordpress-chat/ folder to /wp-content/plugins/ folder on your site

    So, I followed these direction literally and renamed the plugin directory to "wordpress-chat" from "chat" which the folder is named in the download archive. After renaming the directory, the stylesheet was apparently found and the issues appear to be resolved. You might consider editing the install page.

    Taking our new chat for a test drive now! Thanks again.

  • jcnjr

    Well, that was fun... Immediately upon testing the chat with default settings and only two users – two separate browsers – server load averages skyrocketed (55+)! In fact, with the chat window open and only one user, loads hover around 15-20. Upon closing the chat window, loads immediately dropped.

    Any suggestions? Is there anything I can check via the db to confirm everything generated OK? The tables wp_chat_log and wp_chat_messages were created with MyISAM type and utf8_general_ci collation. Neither have any overhead

    I was hoping to replace the PHP Free Chat because of some performance issues we notice during busy chats, but upon first attempt this seems even worse.

    Other Concerns:
    Regardless of dimensions entered via chat options, size of chat area does not change for in-page chat.
    Clear button is missing in Safari.

    Thanks in advance for an feedback.

  • jcnjr

    UPDATE: After completing our Nelo theme overhaul, server load issues no longer seem to be a concern.

    My considerations and common member complaints include:
    - No way to tell who's online.
    - Datestamp should include time to determine oldest post.
    - No notification when a member enters or exits the chat.
    - Report: Lots of duplicate posts with few members chatting.
    - Report: Cannot set size of chat area.
    - Request: Corner chat on specific pages.
    - Request: Show online user list in split chat window.
    - Request: Alert the chat when new member joins and exits chat.
    - Request: Announce tag or widget to show members currently chatting.

    Happy to help beta test chat plugin updates. Thanks for the great work.

  • S H Mohanjith

    Thanks for spotting issue with the installation instructions, just fixed it. Glad to hear the performance issue is fixed.

    - No way to tell who's online.
    - Datestamp should include time to determine oldest post
    - No notification when a member enters or exits the chat
    - Request: Show online user list in split chat window
    - Request: Alert the chat when new member joins and exits chat

    We will include these in a future release

    - Report: Lots of duplicate posts with few members chatting.
    - Report: Cannot set size of chat area

    Can you please give us a link to a site we can see these issue?

    - Request: Corner chat on specific pages

    Have you tried in page chat?

    - Request: Announce tag or widget to show members currently chatting.

    I'm not sure I follow you, can you elaborate a bit more.

  • jcnjr

    Can you please give us a link to a site...

    Live Site:
    Testing Grounds:
    Currently authentication is only set for members on the live site. I have temporarily opened up the test chat room for public. If it is closed, that only means it was getting abused.

    FYI: Was just chatting with three other members and had so many duplicate posts that our server's firewall temporarily blocked my ip address due to 155 connections. Server load spiked during this time, but not like crazy and it settled down quickly.

    Have you tried in page chat?

    That would work (see chat page above). I just liked the idea of having the corner chat on specific promotional type pages of certain blogs, but this is by no means a necessity.

    I'm not sure I follow you...

    The ability to show who is currently in the chat room, on a different page, is what I mean.

    The SimplePress Forums plugin we use provides "template tags" that can be enabled and then used throughout the site to show certain things from the Forums. They have one that indicates which admins/moderators are online. Something like this would be ideal, preferably in a plugin like "Recent Posts" so it could be coded into a page template, or a sidebar widget like "Recent Global Posts" would be nice too.

    On our Chat page (see above link), the Recent Blog Posts are being displayed by the Recent Posts plugin. Doing something similar on our Forums page with some sort of "Who's Chatting?" plugin is what I was thinking. Don't show the actual chat transcript, just show a list of members currently chatting. Even if it only refreshed upon page load, that would be beneficial, at least in our case where the Forums page gets reloaded a lot.

    Thanks for asking!

  • drmike

    That was me after a day of having medical issue with some medicine that some *cough* intern shouldn't have given me, balanced the laptop on my lap in front of a closed church using their wifi. *ssshhhh* :slight_smile:

    I mean to say that someone had pinned down a possible problem with the amount the wp-admin/admin-ajax.php is loading.

    And, no, I don;t want to disable that either. Gets used for a lot of things elsewhere.

    Sorry for the confusion.

  • jcnjr

    Live Site:

    UPDATE: Just in case anyone who might be looking into this is wondering why this page looks like it does... we have deactivated the Chat plugin on our live site, and replaced it with the previous install of PHP FreeChat.

    Chatting with just a couple online members had quickly became impossible. It seems that after "clearing" the chat, duplicate posts got worse. And, maybe just a coincidence, but after another Clear, posts seemed to appear in triplicate. To test a theory, I did another clear, and I swear there were then four posts for every comment.

    Still willing to test updates or schedule a time to hammer the chat on our .net install.

    btw: Could selecting both Current User and Network User for authentication cause duplicate posts? The difference between the two is unclear.

  • S H Mohanjith

    @jcnjr can you please give the attached archive a try?

    Thanks for the reply. Can anyone explain the difference between Current User and Network user authentication?

    Current user allows users of the current blog to chat and network user allows any user in the network/site to chat. Hope that's clear.

    Confirmation of the proper/recommended engine and collation for the _chat tables would be appreciated too.

    Using InnoDB engine is a must (frequently changed records). You are free to choose the collation depending on what sort of characters you plan to use, utf8_general_ci is recommended.

  • jcnjr

    Using InnoDB engine is a must

    Hmmm... the MySQL Reference manual says:
    Do not convert MySQL system tables in the mysql database from MyISAM to InnoDB tables! This is an unsupported operation. If you do this, MySQL does not restart until you restore the old system tables from a backup or re-generate them with the mysql_install_db script.

    In fact InnoDB isn't even an available option when trying to change the storage engine for our db (currently MyISAM). Any suggestions?

    Just noticed your attachment and will go test that now.

  • jcnjr

    After installing 1.0.3a1 ...

    Still unable to size the chat box.

    No posted chat messages showing in Safari.

    After a short time of chatting alone, I reloaded the page and got a "Failure to Connect to Database" error. I was again blocked by our firewall...

    Temporary Blocks: IP: x.x.x.x Port: Dir:inout TTL:1800 (lfd - (CT) IP x.x.x.x (US/United States/ found to have 105 connections)

    Thanks for all your hard work and support!

  • jcnjr

    You need fix you db server to not block db requests from php.

    Thanks for the advice! Now if only I could figure out what it means, or how I might be able to accomplish such a task.

    Can anyone please review my last two posts and provide a little more detail? I am familiar with cPanel, WHM, and PHP MyAdmin, and I have a server manager I can turn to for anything over my head, but at this point I'm not even sure I can explain what needs to be done.

    Any help is appreciated.

  • Aaron

    Are you saying that your DB server firewall is blocking requests from your webserver? That's how I interpreted your post. If you are saying that it is blocking your client IP to the webserver, completely different.

    You'll really need to examine your logs to see why connections are remaining open. But most likely the firewall may be tuned just to check how many requests its getting per ip per certain amount of time. It may need to be configured to allow more. Chat sends 1 (very small) request per second per client on the chat page. If you are using the popup chat it should only send requests when expanded.

    Many people don't realize running any webbased chat on their server is a very high demand application. That's why almost any other chat plugin ties to a hosted service, where they can fine tune their server and client to handle the loads. Raising keepalive timeouts on admin-ajax.php may help a lot, as will an opcode cache like APC.

  • emasters

    The chat plugin is definitely causing problems including high CPU utilization, scores of database connections and socket connections. This afternoon we tried to use the chat plugin as the interactive portion of a podcast. As soon as over 4 users got online things went quickly out of control and ultimately led to me rebooting the server. This was catastrophic. I've attached a screen shot of what the CPU usage looked like.
    Previously we were using phpfreechat but decided to give your plugin a try because of the archiving features. Phpfreechat easily accommodated 36 or so chatters for 60-90 minutes without any noticeable load on the server. We are running WP 3.0.4 and Chat 1.0.2. Chat was only active on one blog and the config was default. The Classcaster network ( hosts 80+ blogs and handles several thousand page views a day. A number of the blogs are also running podcasts.
    In the logs I found entries like this:
    [28/Jan/2011:14:57:57 -0500] "POST /wp-admin/admin-ajax.php HTTP/1.1" 200 2 "" "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 5.1; Trident/4.0; GTB6.6; .NET CLR 1.1.4322; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.0.04506.30; InfoPath.1; .NET CLR 3.0.4506.2152; .NET CLR 3.5.30729)"
    These entries were occurring dozens of times a second, often multiple times per second from each client viewing the page. It was almost as if the browser was polling the server once for every other browser viewing the page.
    If this chat plugin is really intended to used for one-to-one chats or other low volume situations, it would be useful to have that stated on the install page and in the description.
    I can provide some additional information if it will help.

  • jcnjr

    These entries were occurring dozens of times a second...

    @emasters Sorry to hear it, but glad to finally hear that I am not alone with this issue!

    Are you saying that your DB server firewall is blocking requests from your webserver

    @Aaron No, after a short time of having the chat page open, my client IP was temporarily blocked by csf (config security firewall) due to so many connections. FYI: We are not using the corner chat, only one in-page chat.

    We've reverted to PHP FreeChat on our live site, which gets resource intensive with 15+ users, but never results in multiple posts or bogging down with just a few users.

    Thanks again, I'll look into your other tips. I look forward to testing future updates, and might suggest the Chat Plugin download page be edited a bit to reflect some of your comments above. Instead of...

    That's it! No configuration necessary!

    Can't imagine someone on VPS or shared hosting activating the Chat on all sites! :slight_smile: (We're on our own box.)

  • emasters

    Any chance there will ever be a fix or at least a reply to this issue? I posted above nearly 2 weeks ago and have heard any word from WPMUdev folks. Is the plugin broken? Will it be fixed?
    I find most of the plugins and themes on this site to be worthwhile, but support is lacking especially when it comes to reporting real bugs.
    Any word on the future usability of the Chat plugin would be greatly appreciated.


  • Mason

    Hiya Elmer,

    We're watching for it, but I'd also note that we're using this exact plugin on our site to handle all the live support chats without incident. I'll ask Mohanjith if he has any further thoughts - but this appears to be a more complex issue that may have a lot to do with the server environment as well as the plugin.

    Thanks for your patience. We will update this thread when a resolution is found.

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