Chat plugin - Are the chats stored in the database and how to export?

Hi team,

I was looking at a 3rd party chat plugin which offers features such as autoresponder integration. Then I remembered that you guys had a chat plugin too.

What I can't seem to find is information regarding whether the complete chat is archived / stored in the WP database and what facilities there are to see the whole chat at a later date or to export as HTML, XML, PDF etc.

Please advise.

Thanks and best regards,

Jeremy Tarrier

  • Paul


    The chats are all stored into 1 of three tables in your system. The tables are:

    wp_wpmudev_chat_log - This table is more an index for the message table below.

    wp_wpmudev_chat_message - This is the actually message for all chats. But needs to chat_log table above for knowing the start and stop on the different chats. If you look at these rows you will see a column 'log_id' which is used to match the individual chat message with the log_id row from the chat_log table.

    wp_wpmudev_chat_users - This is a very dynamic tables and will only contain active user information for user who are currently attending a chat. There is logic in the plugin to purge these records regularly.

    So technically, you can export these tables. Also as Vaughan mentioned you can enable the archive logs. Coming in a soon to be released Chat you will be able to lock down the display of the archive logs to specific WP users roles only.

    And we do have future plans to add an admin interface for within wp-admin. This was started but I had some concerns about security and so this was removed. So I'll be getting back to it soon.

    Hope this helps.

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