Chat plugin conflict with Jetpack's "Sharing"


As I have several sites, and Chat was working on some and not working on others, I investigated (same theme, same settings, installed other plugins one by one in a test site, I followed your flowchart), and discovered that, on one site, your Chat plugin doesn't appear on a page when this page displays the Facebook button from the Jetpack's Sharing plugin. It's funny because it works, even with that button, on a 3rd site but with an other list of activated plugins, so there must be a 3-ties interaction between some plugins. (EDIT: and it's the same with WP ajax or the plugin ajax)

As I understand it, it's a javascript conflict, and I would like you to find (or help me find) what is the precise conflicting code, and that you correct it.

I do not want you to tell me that I can use another plugin for sharing, I already know that :wink: and will either use another sharing plugin in the meantime or remove sharing from pages (I did that for today).

As being a member here is like "to have your own dev", and as Jetpack is used by millions, I think that if you solve the conflict, it will be great for next releases and your users.

Looking forward to test further with you.

I thank you very much in advance to have a look, and wish you a great day.


  • Patricia BT

    thx @aristath I'm fine, hope you are also

    ok, I added access for you on that multisite
    see I activated all the same plugins and theme from to the subsite

    please test on the subsite (i removed the sharing buttons on main site pages, it's a live site),

    so on, and see with the jetpack sharing buttons, when facebook button on, chat doesn't work, when no facebook button (or no sharing buttons on pages), then chat works.

    thx in advance@aristath

  • aristath

    Hello again @Patricia,

    I logged-in on your dashboard and took a look at your settings.
    Unfortunately I was unable to login to the test-site dashboard (it was asking me for a password) so I created a new superadmin user and logged-in with that.
    (EDIT: As soon as I finished my tests I deleted the user).
    On the chat was displayed fine without the jetpack share buttons. It was also displayed fine when I selected to display the facebook share button using button styles Icon + Text, Icon Only, Text Only.
    The only time the conflict occurred is when I selected the "Official Buttons" button style.
    This option is the only one that loads the js directly from Facebook, so this is probably where the error lies.
    I noticed on the Chrome developer tools (pressing Ctrl + Shift + I) that an error related to the Layouts plugin was reported, so I tried disabling that plugins.
    Since this was a test site I assumed it's alright to actually test things. :slight_smile:
    As soon as I deactivated the Layouts plugin, Chat was working again.

    So... This is a combination of these 3:
    * Chat plugin
    * Layouts Plugin
    * Jetpack sharing with Facebook on "Official Buttons" mode.

    Unfortunately I'm not that good with JS... but at least we have now narrowed it down a lot.
    I have notified our second level support on this (they are the code gurus), hopefully they'll be able to help us figure out how to resolve this!


  • Patricia BT

    Waowww thanks @aristath this is what I call investigation :slight_smile:

    ok, so as I suspected, the problem is javascript related, and 3-factors.
    thanks for finding stuff also with Layout plugins, it worked with it activated in my test, but it was before I activated sharing from jetpack (when I activated all plugins one by one).

    yes it was ok to test stuff :slight_smile: and ok also for the super admin!

    I think we can now delete the 2nd super admin, I can revoke access, and I will also contact the Layout plugin authors (the same team as WPML), and see with a javascript guru one day, what's the problem with the facebook button (I will also send the jetpack support to read this very topic here).

    On my live site, I will then simply not use the "original buttons" as this seems the easier way to solve that. I don't really need another solution (so I mark as resolved), and it's already very good to understand where lies the problem and inform everyone concerned.

    Thanks a lot again, you did a good job :slight_smile: and have a great week-end!

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