Chat Plugin glitches and a question.

Very cool plugin! Couple of small glitches I wanted to point out, and I had one question,

1. First glitch is in the menu on the chat box that shows at the bottom of the screen (The little gear icon), has a tendency to repeatedly open and close the menu once clicked. Some times moving off the chat box would stop it, but it was happening pretty consistantly.

2. Second glitch was after the chat box at the bottom corner of screen was minimized, it would occasionally not respond to open button. It would usually open after sever tries, but it was a reoccurring issue.

3. My Question; I'm nervous about the server strain and wanted to know if there was a way to configure the plugin to run through an independent server while maintaing its integration with the WordPress BuddyPress install? This could be a powerful feature for growing sites, but I'm not sure how complex it would be. Currently I've only seen one plugin with this capability, but it appears not to be fully developed.

4. Lastly, one suggestion. I noticed the Chat plugging reduced it's server requests when minimized. However, when the chat box is open or minimized it still sends requests at fixed intervals. Would it be possible to scale back the AJAX intervals as when users are not sending or receiving messages; so after one minute it drops from 1 second intervals to 5, then after ten minuets it drops to 20 second intervals and so on? Saw a stackoverflow conversation on this and thought it could be an viable way to reduce server strain on sites with a large number users.

Most important question for me is #3.

Thanks for your help!