Chat Plugin Logs

I really like the chat feature, its nice and clean. I am using it as part of a site for internal communication within a company. The logging feature is ultimately why I purchased the plugin for $39 but for $39 I feel it is a little under powered. I was hoping you could add the ability to save the log with a user defined name. When you click archive, it would prompt the user for a name to save the chat log as. Then, you would also have the ability to tag the saved conversation. I think it would be best if the conversation was somehow saved as a post with the user defined title and tags. This would allow the user to save the conversation and tag it as say "website development." Then other users would be able to easily access the conversation when viewing other internal communication regarding "website development." Without this feature, I feel like chat logs are fairly useless. I would really appreciate this feature and following through would really go a long way in my decisions to buy future WordPress products from you guys. Thanks so much.