Chat Plugin Suggestions From my Community

Hi I recently created a forums topic in my community for feedback on the chat plugin and I wanted to forward their suggestions for it.

Requests so far…

A “mute user” ability.

The ability for Admin to mute members in chat, A list of people who are currently muted needs to be available to the admin. Also this mute also needs to be a choice of temporary muting (24 hours) and permanent muting. This should also be available on a member option as well, for instance a member who is annoyed with another wants to block him from showing up on their chat so they do not have to deal with them or even see their comments.

Who is online and in chat window

display a list of people who are currently in chat

User Custom Backgrounds and fonts

allow users to customise their backgrounds and font on all their comments (see chatango to understand this)

Image posting

allow users to post images (resized for chat like a thumbnail image linked as well so when users click the image it shows the full size or redirects to a new tab displaying the full size). Ability for individual users to block images from embedding on their screen

Youtube posting

allow users to post youtube in the chat so it auto embeds when posting a youtube link. Also the ability for users to block youtube videos from embedding on their screen via options.


This could also cover some of the above but it would be nice to have some tinyMCE-like (wordpress editor) editor in the comment entry area that allows quick bbcode to be written. This would include the likes of bold italic blockquotes etc etc

Maximise popout chat

The ability to click and drag the size of the popout chat beyond the default size and a maximize/minimise/close instead of the open/close

Please consider these requests.