Chat plugin: users can login/register, but don't see a box to type their "chat"

I am just generally having problems with this plugin. It's in use on this page:

Which is password protected; for access, use the password


I've set it up correctly--I think--for people to login using Twitter or Facebook. But no matter how they login, with either of these methods or just putting in their email address, they don't see the box where they can participate in the chat.

I see it when I login--but I'm an admin of the Wordpress site.

So I want people to be able to come to the page and participate in the chat, once they've registered (via Twitter, Facebook or login). Then I want them to be able to participate in the chat. Then I want to be able to "clear" the chat once it's done--so the content doesn't just stay there on the page forever, which is what it's doing now. Then I want to access the "log" for that chat, so I could email it or post it for all participants if they wanted to see it.

Can you help me determine what I'm doing wrong here and if this plugin can accomplish what I want to do?