Chat premium Ban problems

Firstly I paid for the premium chat, but not long before I tested the chat lite.. At some point I saw the kick ban or ban ip hover over a member.. I really don't remember on which version this was.. Anyway I activated the premium version, and was busy editing it, so it would match my site more.. Like making avatar a bit smaller so there would be more chat lines.. Anyway.. I got several people in to check out the new room, and when we tried to ban each other, the ban button had disappeared..

I don't know if there was a conflict between both versions.. I have removed the app then done database cleans and reinstalled, and same problem.. Also the twitter setup on the free version asks you for 3 lines of authentication, on the premium one it asks for one line.. No wonder it does not work. I paid for this app as I wanted members to see images of each other, also I need to ban people as I get a lot of trouble makers.. The twitter part is also needed as we get a lot of members come in through twitter.

I really don't know whats going on is it the plugin or is it something left in my database or config file or maybe functions file..

Ps.. I don't think anything else is playing up on my site.. and members avatar does show.