Chat Settings Don't Seem To Reflect My Changes

For some reason the changes I make in the Chat Settings don't seem to reflect on the Chat pages.

I must admit that I'm totally confused as to what settings change what in the application but I have tried all options and can't seem to get things to work.

For example, nowhere on the page can you see my members' names, just their avatars. In Chat Settings Site I have the option to show Avatar and Name and that's what I've selected, but just the Avatar shows up. In other places I've changed it to just Name, but still only the Avatar is there. Right now it's not a big deal because everyone knows everyone but when I'm ready to transfer my members from my other site it will be necessary to match the avatar with a name.

And yes, I have dumped cache and reloaded the page, and tried it in Safari, Firefox and Chrome.

Also, I'd like the Active Users column to not have wasted space. I'd like it to just be wide enough to accommodate three avatars, but I have tried changing percentage but nothing changes.

I wanted to make the message box longer but again, could not do it making the changes within the app. I finally did it using Custom CSS.

Why are the changes in my settings not actually changing? Can you please fix it.