Chat Suspended My Accout :(

This plugin got my entire hosting account suspended. It was set to default settings. The only thing I did was change some colors and also had to use a function in functions.php to edit the width of it since entering dimensions in the chat settings page didn't work.

The guy on the phone said it was hitting my server some 800 times per second (or minute?) and it shut it down pronto. Anyway, he said it'd be better not to use it, but is there a way to limit it's resources or something? I'd really love to use this. I host with Web Hosting Hub (cpanel) and they advertise as being an extremely WP friendly host.

Any advice?

  • Jason

    I use Linode VPS servers. They are cheap, and you have to manage them yourself (Which really isn't that difficult if you choose a debian based distro like ubuntu)

    I use nginx to squeeze every last drop of resources from my VM and I asked them if my cpu utilization being to high would effect my account, or disk i/o etc.

    They said that I can use 100% CPU and 100% disk i/o all month long, as long as I stayed under my bandwidth, however, it would be wise to move to a larger plan if that was how big my server load really was.

    You can run minecraft servers or anything else you want to. I am now officially "Spoiled" by the freedom's of vps xen hosting. and it's just $15/month for 256Mb ram (that's pretty good!)

    Combined with cloudflare, my sites are loading >2 secs. It's great. If you ever decide to take that step, hit me up and I can help get your feet wet.

  • coreymj78

    We are building the site network now and setting it all up with WordPress, BuddyPress, plugins, and components, creating a completely rebranded backend that we will then sell as a total CMS/social network package solution to our clients. Once we are up and running we will then use Backupbuddy to duplicate the entire setup per client to a new sub-network and tweak that particular site for that particular client.... so once we get to the point of having several clients, each with their own user base, we may need to look into transferring the entire multisite network to a VPS. As of now we are still in the testing and development stage so there are no existing users yet except for a couple admins.

    I was simply hoping to add the chat feature to the feature list of the package, but maybe I'll just add that to the "coming soon" category and wait till we are on a VPS in the future.

    Thanks for all the info though.

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