Check out our new jobs & pros section (and become a pro :)

Hey Everyone,

So, we’ve developed a new section for members to post custom dev job requests and to advertise their services as ‘pros’.

It’s still in beta and we’re not advertising it outside of the forums fo rthe moment, so now’s your opportunity to get set up and be a star when we go ‘properly’ live.

Here’s some stuff you can do:

Become a pro… Promote your stuff, get work, build an awesome new WPMU DEV profile:

Post a job…. Need some custom dev work, css tweaks, plugin customization? Go post it here:

Get some work… Browse existing jobs and see if you fancy a crack, contact the posters and make some money

Browse other Pros… You might find someone you;d like tow ork with, or get some ideas about how you can best promote yourself:

And, of course, this is all 100% free for WPMU DEV members.

Oh, and we’ll be releasing the plugin we’ve developed to make this too in the not too distant future.

Let us know how you go, post about bugs / issues / ideas and anything else you want!!!

Cheers, James