Checkbox and Multiselect fields in Directory – showing "Array"


I’m trying to set up a directory for study abroad programs on my site I have the directory plugin installed, and I created a bunch of custom fields. Some of the fields are checkbox and multiselect. The idea is that when I create a listing, I’ll check off the options a particular program offers from a defined list. What I want is for each checked item to appear in a list on the listing page:

i.e., the options for the Field “Housing” are host family, apartment – studio, apartment – roommates, dorm, student finds own housing.

If I check off “host family” and “dorm,” I want the listing to show this:

Housing: host family, dorm.

Right now, it’s showing Housing: Array.

This is happening for every single checkbox/multiselect field I have.

Also, I would really love an “advanced search” feature so that students can choose the features they want in a program from the CustomPress fields and get a list of the listings that correspond. Is this possible?