Checking if someone is a supporter…

I know as problogs isint in its release version yet I may be asking a question I shouldnt however looking ahead Problogs has multiple supporter levels however marketpress only has supporter or no supporter…

While I know a full change may take some time to allow themes and whatnot to have the multiple levels of supporter I was just glancing at the code to see if what I wanted was possible.

I want free and supporter level 1 to have to use chained payments which is easy enough you just click anyone can use

However I want supporter lvl 2(my highest lvl) to have access to the rest of the payment gateways. so basically they get it with no commision %

as I was looking through the coding on… which notepad++ shows as line 5570 theres this line of code

else if (function_exists(‘is_supporter’:wink: && is_supporter() && $network_settings[$code] == ‘supporter’:wink: {

since the only level I want to be set to get the rest of the gateways is lvl 2 can I use a variable of is_supporter() such as is_supporter(2) or something along those lines….

I admit Im VERY new to php which is why Im asking here… as I have no idea what the correct term would be to use there