Checking, Verifying and Updating of WordPress 2012 Child Theme with Parent Theme updates


Thanks Mr Tyler Postle for your very prompt reply which is sincerely appreciated.

My WordPress 2012 Child Theme folder contains only the following items below which I find is too brief and incomplete as the original 2012 Parent Theme contains several pages of codes and items.


Theme Name: Twenty Twelve Child

Theme URI:

Description: Twenty Twelve Child Theme

Author: Benjamin Chan

Author URI:

Template: twentytwelve

Version: 1.0.0


@import url(‘../twentytwelve/style.css’:wink:;

.entry-content img,

.comment-content img,

.widget img,


.author-avatar img,

img.wp-post-image {

box-shadow: none;


Can help to check and verify whether the foregoing brief items in my 2012 Child Theme are IN ORDER and COMPLETE please? If incomplete, can help to copy and paste what is missing in the Child Theme from the 2012 Parent Theme please?

If my Child Theme is not updated with relevant codes and items from the Parent Theme, then I am afraid when I upgrade to WordPress 4.2 from WordPress 4.1, I will encounter problems in my website.

I have activated staff access for your checking, verification and necessary action, when required, please.

Thanks in advance for your help and support. Best regards.