Checkout button in Cart not directing to the checkout page.

I am using MarketPress and CoursePress together. Checkout button in Cart not directing to the checkout page. It just refreshes and stays on the same page. Please help.

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello CK Fusion

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    I checked your site and there's been some serious issues there but it should now be working fine.

    1. I noticed that you had Asset Optimization turned on in Hummingbird but you have also used a plugin called "Fast Velocity Minify". That plugin is minifying JS/CSS assets but the same (and more) is done by Asset Optimization of Hummingbird. Due to the way minification/asset optimization works, there should never bee two plugins/tools doing that at the same time as it usually leads to some JS/CSS issues.

    In this case, it was causing some JS errors related to jQuery library. I have disabled the "Fast Velocity Minify" plugin as it's redundant. If you want to switch it back, please make sure that Asset Optimization in Hummingibird is disabled first and GoDaddy cache is flushed. I'd recommend staying with Hummingbird though :slight_smile:

    2. The second issue was a PHP Fatal Error occurring on the site. According to WordPress debugging log, it was related to the Twitter oauth library and after digging deeper it turned out to be a conflict of your current theme (to be specific, with it's Shout framework plugin) with our Comments+ plugin which I had to disable as well (it wasn't actually configured to be used anyway) since I couldn't find any option for that Twitter oauth library in the theme settings.

    These two actions solved the fundamental issues that wouldn't even allow us to go any further.

    After that I found that on the cart (/carrito) page of MarketPress you were using this shortcode:

    [mp_cart_widget custom_text="Haz clic en Pagar Aquí para ingresar tus detalles de pago." show_product_image="1" show_product_qty="1" show_product_price="1"]

    It's a "cart widget" shortcode and while it can be used on site, the cart page must use a [mp_cart] shortcode instead.

    The [mp_cart_widget] shortcode does display the basket and related information but it actually directs users to the... cart page. Then the cart page loads checkout but only if its using proper shortcode.

    The "cart" page is a "system" page of MarketPress and [mp_cart] shortcode is loading additional logic/routines that allow MarketPress to actually handle basket and checkout properly.

    Therefore, I have replaced the shortcode on a cart page and it seems to be working fine now. I realize that you might have used the other shortcode due to the way it looks but it won't work. You can, however, use CSS to style current cart display.

    Best regards,

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