Checkout issues in Marketpress

Hey there, a couple of questions for you. (almost had this all typed up and accidentally clicked outside the ask a question window, which closed it and deleted my questions… )

This site is due to push live early next week:

1) See attached screencap – when I put the test item in the cart and click check out as guest, instead of asking for billing/shipping info, it takes me directly to paypal, and then of course when I come back to confirm the order, it doesn't have any billing/shipping info saved.

2) See attached screencap. When I'm logged in and go into the shopping cart, and turn on "shipping address is different", no additional boxes come up so I can fill out shipping info.

3) Question from client: "I had someone else go through and buy something to see how the process was for someone who isn’t familiar with it. She mentioned that since there was no item added to cart pop-up when you add something to your cart she was not sure if she actually added it or not – any way we could make this happen? (Note from me, didn't last version of MP have "added to cart" come up when someone click the add to cart button without being directed to cart?)

4) Additional question from client: When she filled out the info to register as a guest – she hadn’t filled one part out and it said “see errors below in red” but there was no red

5) Question from client: Once someone checks out as a guest and pays – box pops up for user to set up acct – but as a person who doesn’t know, i wouldn’t know what this box is for. I know it’s to register with an account, any way to note that within the box? like “Thank you for your order. If you’d like to register for an account for faster checkout next time please create an account below”