Checkout not working

I have a custom shopping cart page in the template mp_cart.php that I created. I understand that both the shopping cart and the checkout should happen on this page. But, when I click on the "Checkout" link, nothing happens. Any ideas?

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    Greetings blicht454,

    Thank you for bringing this item to our attention.

    As you mentioned it is custom coding and of course the answer must be in the coding of that page.

    Can you please either post the code to the mp_cart.php page that you have or attach it to this ticket?

    Then I have something to show the developer after looking it over myself to see what may be causing the issue.

    Please advise.

    Cheers, Joe

  • blicht454
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    Actually, I have a small update: I'm now using <?php mp_show_cart('checkout'); ?>. Clicking on "Checkout Now", I'm linked to site/shop/shopping-cart/shipping, a page that gives me a 404. Where should the checkout process be completed? And, is it possible to link to that page manually? My site is multilingual, so I'll need to be able to edit the text for the "Checkout Now" button, Item, Quantity, etc.


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    Greetings blicht454,

    Thank you for your additional input which is appreciated.

    I do understand the time it has taken for a reply, and part of it has to do with ticket aging and priority to include how the ticket system sees replies.

    Each time a reply is made to a ticket the system sees as well ... a reply. Which then the system lowers it aging and priority which in effect delays the ticket form being seen on my screen.

    So your last post actually delayed this ticket form being answered by at least 19 hours. This is just a tip about how the system works that integrates with the support staff so that we can all work more efficiently together.

    Now on to the issue at hand.

    The problem here is that form the very beginning of the ticket you mentioned this is custom - I have a custom shopping cart page in the template mp_cart.php that I created.

    Custom coding is beyond the scope of the support we provide here. However, in any event I am indeed trying to help with what I can but i am not a coder.

    With that said I will see if I can get the lead developer in here with his invaluable insight into this plugin for his advice/advise for us.

    Though this may take a bit longer then a normal ticket, I will try to get him in here asap.

    Cheers, Joe

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