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In the Network > Dashboard > Pro Sites > Settings > General Settings the link to “Edit checkout page” links to “media.php?attachment_id=162&action=edit “.

In fact the media attachment it links to changes each time I load the settings page.

What is this link meant to go to? Is it meant to go to a page to edit? Is it meant for me to upload an image to place on top of the checkout page?

I also think that there should be an option to bypass this upgrade login page like this thread >

I upgraded to Pro Sites 3.0.2 this morning.


  • Ajax McKerral
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    After looking through the code, I think that the following might be happening:

    I am running:

    WP 3.2.1 (multisite – clearly)

    BP 1.5.1

    My main buddypress site is NOT blog ID = 1, but blog ID = 4.

    This means that my top admin bar is actually relating to blog 4, not blog 1.

    Perhaps when the installation takes place, and the Pro Sites plugin is trying to create the checkout page, there’s an issue in the create_checkout_page() function returning the wrong blog ID?

    I thought that when in the Network Dashboard the blog ID was the main site – usually”1″.



  • Ajax McKerral
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Actually – I went into the database directly and tried to edit the “checkout_page” value directly. I stuffed it up and all my settings were wiped.

    However, when I next loaded the Pro Sites Network admin page – it created the pro sites upgrade page for me.

    So problem solved…

  • Ajax McKerral
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Strangely enough the random checkout page behaviour has returned. Not sure why. I have been working on my theme and trying to figure out a rewrite custom post URL issue, but not sure why that would effect the Pro Sites plugin.

    Now the link from the Network >Dashboard > Pro Sites > Settings “Edit Checkout page is linking to a random post that doesn’t display on the front end.

    Why can we not manually and specifically specify the page we want to be the checkout page? IT seems that the current automated linkage is not very robust or stable.

    I really don’t want to have to delete all my settings (including premium plugins and themes per level – there’s hundreds of them) every time this issue arises.

    Help appreciated.

  • Ajax McKerral
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    This issue is related to the Domain Mapping plugin See my other post :

    Ok – some more clarity on the situation.

    I went into the database and reset the Pro Sites front end page to post ID = 1115 (which it is on my main site) All works well for subdomains on my main site.


    When you log in to a Mapped domain (to a subdomain on my main site) and click the Pro Sites upgrade button, the following happens:

    1. A new post is created on the mapped domain (for argument’s sake this is post ID = 277)

    2. the checkout_page value in the DB table wp_sitemeta with meta_key = “psts_settings” is overwritten with the new blog post ID (in this case = 277)

    I would posit that this is unexpected behaviour.

    I would also sugest that Pro -Sites needs to check if the Dashboard in question belongs to a mapped domain, and make the link to the checkout page on the top level site.


    Line 565 of Pro Sites in function checkout_url() relies on the global variable $current_site

    And then checks against the current site whether checkout_page exists.

    If it does not, it creates a new page.

    Should this not be hard wired to site_ID = 1 ?

    Is that not always the top level site?

    I’ll edit the code and test and let you know how I go.



  • Ajax McKerral
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    I can confirm that changin lines 565 – 569 of pro-sites.php to:

    // global $current_site;
    $page_id = $this->get_setting('checkout_page');
    $url = get_permalink($page_id);

    Works and domain mapping works as expected. No new checkout pages are created on the sub blog.

    At least on my install this is the case.



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