Checkout whit global chart fails when two stores uses same paypal adress.


I have set up a networksite with marketpress that uses global chart and paypal express checout.

It is still in testingmode and I am using paypal sandbox mode.

Everything in the checkout prosess works like it should exept if I use same merchant mail on two different stores.

In that case I come all the way to pay with Paypal and the last confirmationpage. Uintill this step everything works fine. When I hit the confirmation button on the last page I get errormessage: "There was a problem finalizing your purchase with PayPal. Please go back and try again." And also the message "Looks like you skipped a step, please go back".

But if I go back and try again I get a message that the phurcase already is done.

From Paypal sandbox I can see that the phurcase is done and money have shifted account.

From marketpress there is not generated any orders or orderconfirmationmail. So the order never gets to the storeowner.

As soon as I change the merchant paypalmail so all stores uses different merchant paypalmail everything works like i should.

Any idea of what causes this error? And how to fix it? From my point of view it looks like the error lays in marketpress checkout since paypal collect payment as it should. And I do belive this bug could lead to some great problems for live sites since the only way to tell there have been an error is that storeowners get money in paypal without corresponding orders in marketpress.

And while we are at the last checkoutpage I must ask what the point of that page really is? The customer has alredy confirmed phurchase before payment. And confirmed payment and phurcase in paypal checkout. I see no need to make the customer confirm his phurcase three times.

Keep up the good work. :slight_smile:

Best regards.

Jon P