child blogs are unable to disable ads on their sites

Hi all,

Still a newbee to WPMU.

We have Ads Sharing, Plugin Manager, and Supporter plugins, WPMU 2.8.4a.

I would like to grant a child blog (Blog Id 2) supporter rights for 30 days, in order that ads did not display in this child blog.

I went to the main site, Site Admin>Supporter

Then, in Extend Blog entered Blog Id of the child blog that I want to extend which is number 2 and then choose 30 days. Clicked on Continue.

Now I go to child blog 2 and went to Options>Supporter and it states that supporter priviledges will expire on 9-30-09.

Then, I go to Supporter>Disable Ads and on the search field enter the name of the child blog, clicked search but it is not there. I left the search field empty and clicked on search and it only shows the Main blog. Its like the supporter is able to disable ads only on the main blog.

I have supporter_ads.php, ad_sharing.php, plugin_manager.php into mu-plugins.

What I am doing wrong? How do supporters Disable ads on their blogs?