Child theme and css not taking priority

Hi updated the social theme to the latest and my changes in header.php which were made in child theme no longer took the priority.

I also noticed that base.css still holds priority over chile theme

Just so we don’t go back and forth I will anticipate questions you may ask


1: Have you upated theme to the latest : YES

2: have you update plugins too : YES

3: Have you disabled all plugins to check : YES

4: have you tried this suggestion below : YES

I 1 – add !important to each property like this:

.top-h-content { margin:0 !important }

2 – or add #custom to each selector.

#custom .top-h-content { margin:0 }

5: Was it working before the update from recently previous update to latest : YES it worked before


6: for css issue Have you uploaded the base.css to child theme: YES

7: are you sure you loaded the template in the right directory in child theme: YES