Child Theme Broken (But It has style.css)…

Hi there,

At my site IntimateClick, I’m getting the Theme Broken message with an error for bp-corporate-child saying “stylesheet is missing” yet it’s there, as I copied it from Leet Link (where it works just fine). style.css is in the theme (as I copied it along with the other files in the child theme), so I don’t understand what’s going wrong here.

Please help me solve this issue,


Nathan P. (PS. I find out Thursday if my transplant is a go this Friday… *nervous/anxious*)

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    Your child theme style.css file should look something like this…


    Theme Name: ! BuddyPress Corporate Custom

    Template: bp-corporate

    Theme URI:

    Description: A massively customizable BuddyPress theme that might be suitable for a more corporate look and feel – 12 preset variations to choose from. Compatible with WordPress with or without BuddyPress, WordPress MU with or without BuddyPress and WP/WPMU installation with BuddyPress 1.2+ only. Based on the “BuddyPress Corporate” theme by Richie KS of WPMU DEV.

    Author: Nathan Pinno

    Version: 1.0

    Updated: 2014-01-20 03:04:52


    @charset “UTF-8”;

    @import url(‘../bp-corporate/_inc/css/bp-css.css’:wink:;

    @import url(‘../bp-corporate/_inc/css/base.css’:wink:;

    @import url(‘../bp-corporate/_inc/css/custom-sample.css’:wink:;

    @import url(‘../bp-corporate/_inc/css/bp-default.css’:wink:;

    @import url(‘../bp-corporate/_inc/css/adminbar.css’:wink:;

    @import url(‘../bp-corporate/_inc/preset-styles/corporate-red.css’:wink:;

    @import url(‘../bp-corporate/_inc/preset-styles/corporate-pink.css’:wink:;

    @import url(‘../bp-corporate/_inc/preset-styles/corporate-light.css’:wink:;

    @import url(‘../bp-corporate/_inc/preset-styles/corporate-dark.css’:wink:;

    @import url(‘../bp-corporate/_inc/preset-styles/corporate-piano-gloss.css’:wink:;

    @import url(‘../bp-corporate/_inc/preset-styles/corporate-orange.css’:wink:;

    @import url(‘../bp-corporate/_inc/preset-styles/corporate-green.css’:wink:;

    @import url(‘../bp-corporate/_inc/preset-styles/corporate-blue.css’:wink:;

    @import url(‘../bp-corporate/_inc/preset-styles/corporate-brown.css’:wink:;

    @import url(‘../bp-corporate/_inc/preset-styles/corporate-light-blue.css’:wink:;

    @import url(‘../bp-corporate/_inc/preset-styles/corporate-aqua.css’:wink:;

    @import url(‘../bp-corporate/_inc/admin/options-css.css’:wink:;

    @import url(‘../bp-corporate/mu-plugins/bp-global-adminbar-css.php’:wink:;

    @import url(‘../bp-corporate/themes/bp-corporate-child/style.css’:wink:;

    @import url(‘../bp-corporate/themes/bp-corporate-child/_inc/css/child-style-sample.css’:wink:;

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