Child theme is not showing the properties as inherited from parent theme


I have created a child theme based on a theme purchased from ThemeForest.

However for some reason when I set the child theme as the theme for my site I am getting an error message that a function is not defined-- and this function is defined in the Admin options for the parent theme.

What am I doing wrong here?
How do I ensure that the parent theme's admin options are loaded in the child theme as well? Do I even have to do something to ensure this?

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  • Arvind
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    (1) How do I ensure that the WP admin options of parent theme show up in child theme? I cannot see the WP admin options (from Parent theme) when I activate the child theme- do I have to first set those options within the parent theme, and then set the child theme's options within the child theme, separately?
    (2) In my child theme-- the error I am getting is when I load index.php-- the function that cannot be recognised by WP is one used within the parent theme to define WP admin options. What should I do to ensure that the child theme is able to load the parent's functionality so that this error does not occur.

    To clarify, this is how I have created the child theme-

    (1) I have only kept those files with same name as parent theme, in which I want content to change
    (2) New file for WP admin options specific to child theme.
    (3) Added some functions to functions.php in child theme--> am I Correct that the parent theme's functions will also be automatically loaded? How do I ensure that this happens?

    Yours sincerely,

  • Patrick
    • Support Monkey

    Hi again @Arvind

    Hope you had a good weekend!

    If the header in your child-theme's style-sheet is set up correctly with the template name in it, and the @import directly beneath it (before any CSS), then the wp-admin options should appear just as they do when the parent theme is activated.

    The problem is either the new file you added for the wp-admin options specific to the child theme, or the original call to the problematic function that is reproduced in your child-theme's index.php

    Can you not add your custom functions directly to your child-theme functions.php? It would likely resolve the issue.

    As for the call in index.php in your child-theme, try simply wrapping it in a require_once statement:

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