Child theme not showing changes

I'm having a similar issue to what's described in this thread except I'm working with BP-Daily:

Here is the site:

First issue, child.css and custom-header.php:

I wanted to modify the header and make the gradient background disappear. This is the pesky code that is being generated:

#header {
health #2 (line 599)

I tracked down the culprit in the custom-header.php, line 69:
#header { background-image: url(<?php header_image() ?>); }

I had to make this change in the parent theme, not working in the child theme:
#header { background-image: none; }

Change to background-image: none; was not working in the child.css file either.

Second issue, loop-functions.php

Changes to the loop-functions.php file in the child theme are not showing but they are showing in parent theme.