Child Themes


Here is my site:

When working with Elegant Themes, I recently learned it is necessary to create child themes because Elegant themes usually need changes made to style.css and other places to get the content to fit properly.

Previously, I had made the changes directly to the theme itself in wordpress, but upon updating the theme, of course these edits are lost. So I made child themes for them.

When editing the style.css in the child theme, most of the changes are added coding to the end of style.css.

However, some of the changes are within style.css, footer.php, header.php. These changes may include text size or color. In these such cases, I created new files for the footer and header in the child theme, copied the code, pasted into the new file, edited the code, and saved.

Is this the best way to make these changes in the child theme?

If the change is within style.css (ie. text size), how should I make the change? Should I copy the parent code, edit and paste into a new child style.css (same as header/footer.php)? What happens to this coding (below) in the child theme style.css? Where should the changes be made?


Theme Name: YOUR THEME Child Theme

Version: 1.0

Description: A child theme for YOUR THEME.


Author URL:



@import url(“../Chameleon/style.css”);

Thanks for your input!