Choice of themes for "random themes"

Hey All !!!

"Random Themes"
Another brilliant implementation for multisite from WPMUDEV.

- Every theme on a multisite may have a specific purpose.
Some may be there for "New Blog Templates".
Some may be there for free/paid "ProSites" levels.
Some may be there for eCommerce (MarketPress).
Some may be there for a specific plugin (design/css/compatibility)
Some may be free/premium (ProSites)
etc. etc. etc.

- As far as i could see or tell there are no settings/options for "Random Themes"
Why not step it up a notch WPMUDEV and make it really unique and intuitive as well ?

- Simple solution :
offer option/choice of themes !!!

in other words,
choose a few themes that one would specifically prefer new users to start off with.

Site admins love to give users choice and options,
but Site admins also love WPMUDEV to give them/us choice as well :slight_smile:

If u read this,
do as i do,
give a +1 if you think it makes sense and is a good idea.

Even if it does not "fall in your garden",
still give a +1 for someone's business that is not necessarily aligned with yours will still greatly benefit from such an implementation.

Merry Christmas !!!