Choose Blog Copier plugin over New blog template?


In WPMU's article, "Blog Copier" plugin is mentioned.

I'm currently using WPMU New blog template plugin and I wonder what are the differences between the 2 plugins when only copying one site to another (in MU) ?

Thank you very much

  • aecnu

    Greetings Renega,

    Thank you for that information, the screen shot, and they do not mention it in their description ...

    (it will create a new site in the process which is equivalent to assign a template at site creation, right?)

    Nope not the same that New Blog Templates is doing. Tell me when an end user comes to sign up for your site, how is the "Blog Copier" plugin going to work, I think it is not without network admin intervention but New Blog Templates will indeed create their site with the specifications therein.

    But I learn something new everyday and until today I had never heard of Blog Copier.

    Are you aware if blog copier is not allowed by WPengine..? (security reasons)

    I have no idea about WP Engine, I do not and will not use them, I own my own hosting company since 1995 ... lol

    But I have heard many people tell how for "security reasons" they will not allow Multi DB and many other things though they did not get into too much details that I recall.

    Cheers, Joe

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