'Choose Option' button — extraneous? How to remove?

Greetings –

Loving MarketPress and the WPMU community thus far. Already answered a lot of my own questions via the support threads here and the ecommerce feels so clean.

I'm setting up shop at http://domesticworkwear.com/store/

Only snag thus far :

When I go to the category or store page, there is this 'Choose Option' button that hovers along the bottom of each item for sale —

This button seems pretty confusing, since there is also a 'read more' button after the product excerpt.

Attaching a screenshot. Any help is much appreciated!

  • Mason
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    Hiya domesticw,

    Thanks for your kind words, and welcome!

    To your question, you should be able to remove the ‘read more’ from the theme template. The ‘choose options’ button comes up when an item has options to select from.

    We don’t have an option for turning off the buttons from the listing pages only. You could set the site to ‘product listing’ only and then add buy buttons to your individual products through a shortcode.

    I agree the ‘choose options’ text is probably not the clearest. Any suggestions?

  • domesticw
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    Hi Mason James, hi aaron!

    Thanks for responding. I guess it just doesn't make very much intuitive sense from a shopper's perspective … if they aren't on the item page, 'Choose Option' seems like a clunky way to say 'Read More' or 'Shop Now' . As an apparel store, there will almost always be variations on my items.

    @masonjames: I like the idea of putting the store in 'product listing' mode and then adding shortcodes for 'add to cart' button. However I do not see this shortcode listed in the documentation. Which shortcode should I use? Apologies if this information is available somewhere already but I searched these support areas and googled it and didn't find anything (yet) …

    And not to mingle streams too much, but I'm also wondering:

    On the actual product page, is it possible to move the 'add to cart' button and variation selector drop-down higher up on the page. In the case of the City Mouse Country Mouse workcoats I'd like to have this button right underneath the second headline, instead of below the four pictures (attached a screenshot first and then a rough pic of how i'd like it to look …. )

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