Choose service provider for gCal integration

Another question here regarding the Appointments+ plugin. We are having a bit of a problem with syncing across multiple services from the gCal. It appears that when a span of time is blocked off from the gCal side, it will import into the calendar, however it's -only- on one service. The services are supposed to be universal with only one service booked per time-slot. We've adapted to reserve tee times.

So for example we have 4 services (1 Golfer - 4 Golfers). If someone reserves the 10:10AM slot with 4 Golfers, that time is reserved across all services, and cannot be booked again. However, when the booking comes from the gCal sync, the only service that is blocked off is 1 Golfer, but if you choose services 2-4 Golfers, those time-slots are open?

I've troubleshooted to the point that I've found that when a block of time is reserved by gCal, it appears to be booked under a service provider whom is not on my service providers list (under A+ Settings) or one of my WordPress users, which is odd, and the blocked off time is only for one service (1 Golfer).

I did some research and discovered I can set up gCal sync between the specific service provider and gCal, I've attempted to do so. However, even with the setting turned on under A+ settings to allow service providers integration with gCal, it still says under the user that it is disabled and will not let me enter in the information required for API connection. The boxes are a different, more greyed out background and although I can click within the box, I cannot type anything.

I feel like this should be simple and I may be missing something. Once again I'm requesting your excellent help with getting your plugin to fulfill our needs.