Choose Site Domain page "interested" and "not now"

When someone has registered their name and are on the page to select a domain, an odd radio button set appears at the bottom (image enclosed). What does it mean? Is there a way to modify and/or delete it?

  • 3SixtyEvolve

    Hi ProSapien

    Glad to try and assist on this thread!

    I actually signed up for 2 blogs on your site to see the flow and what happened if I selected either of the radial buttons below the PopCred heading (below Privacy Settings) and whether it changed the final outcome of my signup. And then it hit me! It relates to the Privacy Settings. It's basically asking users if they want to have their site to appear on your global site search or not.

    I'm sure this is something that can be removed. Of course it will need a bit of look around to find the place in the code to remove it from the layout, but I can request some feedback from the Developer on that.

    Hope this information was helpful. Don't hesitate to be in touch should you need any further support from our side.

    Have a good day and all the best with PopCred!


  • ProSapien

    Thanks, Gina. :slight_smile: So I guess I need to know where this text is specified so I can add something like:

    Do you want to be included in PopCred's global search?

    Aaron, are you talking about the "Rebrand Pro Sites" field? (image enclosed) It is my understand the entered text will replace the words "Pro Sites" wherever they appear. Is that correct? If so, I certainly don't want "Do you want to be included in PopCred's global search?" to show up every time Pro Sites occurs.

    What ist the default for this text? Is it just "Pro Sites" "Interested" "Not Now"? If so, that needs to be changed in the plugin so that it makes sense to readers.

    If not, what field are you referring to?

    Until I can find a way to let CUSTOMERS know what those radio buttons mean, I want to keep this thread open.

  • ProSapien

    Aaron, you definitely have "the curse of knowledge." :slight_smile: You know so much that it's hard for you to see what others less educated in those subjects can't see. :slight_smile:

    You can definitely change the message, or turn off the option completely.

    Great, but HOW? How do I turn it off? How do I change it?

    And a sensible default is included, you must have removed it.

    Great, again, but what was the sensible default and where should it be placed? Your image shows "MY Test" 'I love them.' That doesn't make any sense to me for page placement.

    In the General Settings it says:

    Show Option On Signup [ ] Display an option on the signup page
    You can force and hide the signup option by linking to the signup page like this: wp-signup.php?popcred=1

    I can't tell what this is referring to. Show WHAT option? Display WHAT option? Since I don't see any way to set the choices (is this in connection to the "interested" "not now" choices?) I don't see a context for what this relates to.

    How would linking to the signup page (and where would this link be placed?) force or hide whatever option this is?

    Can you let me know what the "sensible default" is and where it goes?

    [To be honest, as much as I love the FUNCTIONALITY of many of these plugins, I really find they need better descriptions. Coming from someone who has created sites for years and blogged for a decade — but is new to multisite and WPMUDev — I keep running into things that don't have an understandable context.]

  • Aaron

    You're the first to report any understanding issue about it. No problem though.

    This whole thread is regarding what those 2 settings options in my screenshot when enabled output on your singup form.

    If you want to change the message, enter it in the "Signup Message" field. The text in my screenshot is just junk I added in my test install. On a fresh install the default text would be: "Would you like to upgrade this site to Pro?".

    If you want to turn off the option, simply uncheck that box.

  • ProSapien

    You're the first to report any understanding issue about it. No problem though.

    I think the problem is that the description gives no context. Something like "Show UPGRADE Option on Signup" or something.

    GinaB speculated on another thread that perhaps that option turned off the home page login/modify stuff that shows up on the home page. So she was also confused about it's function.

    So I will just uncheck this, since I don't have any free blogs anyway and this should solve the problem. Will come back if tests show otherwise. Thanks.

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