Choosing an user's account for New Blog Templates


In the settings for New Blog Templates, the message below is displayed:
"Please note that this will turn the blog you selected into a template blog. Any changes you make to this blog will change the template, as well! We recommend creating specific "Template Blogs" for this purpose, so you don't accidentally add new settings, content, or users that you don't want in your template.
This means that if you would like to create a dedicated template blog for this template, please create a new blog and then visit this page to create the template."

I have an account that I use to test everything, to see if everything is working, and I had added it as the template for the other accounts. Does the above message mean that, for instance, if I add somebody as a friend using this account, all accounts in the network will have this same person added as friend?

Also, as I already have to set up everything in the super-admin account, wouldn't these settings (applied at super-admin) already be the default for all accounts created in my site?