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I would like to resume all my presales questions and to get closer to our approach.

We need to have 2 levels for registration.
1: Customers, free but with registration, redirected to a search page.
2: Professionals, registration with payment (visa, paypal, approve), redirected to an individual subdomain/blog in order each prof to have different details and not see each other settings etc? (we have already installed a WPMS)

The professional will provide services under a calendar (Appointment?) and
have administration rights on it (add/delete/cancel booking).
The customers will search by services and make bookings.

That’s in general the procedure that we need to implement with your plugins.
Until now, we have installed membership and configure 2 levels, but we are confusing with the autocreate blog for new users. We add Blog Creation rule, but there is nothing when a new user is added. Do we need New Blog Template too?

Also, for customers searching, we need a selection field for professional categories. So, we installed Directory plugin. Is this the proper way?

Could you help us to organize our implementation?

  • DavidM

    Hi Marin,

    I just realized, Membership takes over the registration process and doesn't actually include options for site creation itself.

    Instead, once users sign up, they'll be able to create a new site from the following:

    That should also be accessible for them here:

    Could you let us know how that works for you?


  • marin


    What do you mean ? The user should manually create the site ?
    If this is the point, you explained at presales that we can do this with the prenium version of Membeship and Blog Creation rule ? For what reason is this rule ?
    What about New Template plugin ? Is there a site autocreation procedure when singing up ?

    Alternative, could we use the Registration completed page ?

    Also, is there a VISA option for payment gateways ?

  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there @marin,

    Hope you're well today.

    Membership doesn't include the site creation process in it's registration, that is still handled via, unless you have BuddyPress installed.

    The blog creation rule is for limiting how many sites that member can sign up for, or if they can sign up for any at all :slight_smile:

    New Blogs template, can automatically create a site, but it still requires the same process as above, wp-signup.php or BuddyPress.

    With Membership for Gateways, there is PayPal standard, PayPal single, Authorize,net and 2co checkout :slight_smile:


    Kind Regards

  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there @marin,

    Hope you're well today, we'd be happy to help :slight_smile:

    In this case, are you only using Multisite to supply them with a separate appointments install?

    This may not be necessary depending on your exact needs, as if they are added as service providers, they can set their own working hours.

    If you use BuddyPress and Membership, BuddyPress can handle the site registration if you use multisite, BuddyPress will handle that at signup.

    how we can redirect it after payment to the new blog details ?

    Redirect it to a page with their username and site name on? Or something else, by default workflow is.

    Sign up > activation email sent, click link, email sent with password and site URL with user details > sign in.

    Please advise.


    Kind Regards

  • marin

    Hi Jack,

    Everything seems to be ok, but not with your plugins :slight_smile:

    Shortly ...
    We are trying to find out a solution to service two levels:
    - customers (must be registered and only submit appointment hours without payment but with confirmation) and
    - professionals (when sing up there will be a payment amoun - every month or yearly - and each one must have different appointments and not see each other details)

    Regarding your presales, multisite is necessary … so, we proceed with multisite & membersihip.
    But, with membership we realized that the is not an autocreation blog procedure and someone should manually proceed to singup!
    After that you adviced to install buddypress. So, we installed it, but still there is not an autocreation for blog! Except, if we disable membeship! In this case during singing up, there is a page with registration details and blog creation! But, then we have no payments?

    Any idea?
    Is there an opportunity to use your plugins?
    Because, so far we can not see how?

    Please, advice!

  • DavidM

    Hi @marin,

    Thanks for your patience here. I actually spoke with you in pre-sales on this and missed a potential option here that Jack keenly pointed out.

    When using BuddyPress, you then have the option of letting Service Providers set their own working hours through the front-end. I've attached a screenshot showing that option in Appointments+.

    With that, you may not actually need Multi-site. It's possible to try that out with Multi-site enabled, you could easily disable to the site creation ability in your network settings page.

    You can also disable Multi-site by simply commenting out the lines you added to your wp-config.php file during Multi-site setup.

    It's actually possible to enable/disable that feature by that means.

    Given the option to set working hours from the front-end, would that work for you to achieve what you're looking to do?


  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there @marin,

    Hope you're well today, if you are offering free and paid appointments, the confirmation email won't be sent out of the box to the free appointments.

    But you can use the following define for that in your wp-config.php above the line reading that's all stop editing happy blogging!



    Kind Regards

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